Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board

Protecting and Improving The Tay System



In order to maximise the production of juvenile salmon, and hence numbers of returning adults, it is essential to ensure that spawning salmon are as widely distributed as possible throughout the Tay and its tributaries. In this regard it is necessary that salmon have easy access into and through spawning tributaries and burns.
In some streams, blockages can occur from year to year, for example debris dams. In order to ensure that fish have free passage the Board’s bailiff staff regularly patrol particular streams and have been trained in the use of chainsaws etc to remove obstructions which threaten to form complete blockages.
However, this issue has become much more acute in recent years with the spread of beavers in the catchment. Beaver dams appear regularly in parts of the catchment. Some are of a size to block significant spawning burns in the autumn and could block the passage of smolts in dry springs. Searching for dams and managing them where necessary is an increasingly time consuming task.