Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board

Protecting and Improving The Tay System

Lunan Stream



Some of the larger low ground burns in the Isla catchment are surprisingly productive of juvenile salmon. Not only can numbers be high, growth rates are often high too. However, while plenty of fry can be found the lower Lunan Water, growth rates have consistently been relatively low for the general area. It is thought this might be due to the fact the Lunan is now densely shaded by trees which allow little light in. There is now a lack of water weed and marginal low vegetation, quite unlike many other Isla tributaries.
As a trial, a licence has been applied for to remove alders from the south / west bank along a section of the lower Lunan to let light back in. Meikleour Estate hope to do the work over the winter of 2019/20. The Board will monitor subsequent changes in vegetation in the coming years. The Board also has a long term juvenile fish electrofishing site in the section. This will provide a baseline for monitoring any change in salmon growth rate and abundance.