Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board

Protecting and Improving The Tay System



In recent times most of the fishery management interest in Tayside was centered around upland tributaries because those are the areas where spring salmon mainly spawn and much of the concern has been centred around spring salmon.

However, significant problems exist in lowland parts of the Tay district, indeed probably much bigger problems than affect most upland tributaries.

Accordingly, in the early months of 2010, a survey commenced of tributaries of the lower Tay, the lower Isla and the lower Earn. The survey was conducted by staff from the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board, supported by the Tay Foundation, which is grateful for financial support from a grant from the Scottish Government (administered by RAFTS).

A number of previously unknown obstructions to fish migration were identified along with other issues. For example, high loads of fine sediment appear to be a major problem in some of the Isla tributaries in particular.