Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board

Protecting and Improving The Tay System


The Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 2013 placed a number of new duties on DSFBs relating to openness and accountability.


  • Meetings

All meetings of the Board, including Board meetings and the Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors, are now open to the public as observers, although some items of business at Board meetings may be taken in private.

In addition, there will also be an Annual Public Meeting, separate from the Annual Meeting of Proprietors, at which members of the public can participate fully.

The dates and details of forthcoming meetings can be found here.

The minutes of Board meetings can be viewed on-line. Hard copies can also be obtained from the Clerk on request.

  • Annual Report and Accounts

Annual Reports, with accounts, can be viewed under our reports page.

  • Complaints Procedure

The Board has set up and maintains a complaint procedure.

  • Board Members’ Interests

The Board has set up a register of members' interests. This can be viewed on request at the Board’s office.